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Harnassing the Power of Mobile Websites

Harnassing the Power of Mobile Websites

It is unfortunate that most local businesses are missing a lot by ignoring (or not knowing) how mobile-friendly websites can generate more sales and profits.

Most business owners are not aware of the problem that their customers and potential customers are going through when trying to access their websites using a mobile device.

Most people today use their mobile phones to perform a wide variety of tasks including searching the web, chatting, paying bills, banking, playing games – just to name a few.

Increase Your Traffic – Begin Using Mobile Coupons

Increase Your Traffic – Begin Using Mobile Coupons

Have you ever thought about offering your customers mobile coupons to keep them coming back to spend money with you?

Mobile coupons really aren’t any different than the coupons we are all used to getting in newspapers, magazines, or circulars. The only real difference is that they are provided through mobile phone text messages. Mobile coupons, however, carry the same function as the normal coupons. They all aim to provide customers with a way to save money, collect freebies, receive discounts and earn rewards.

The truth about mobile statistics for business

Does your business know the truth about Mobile marketing?

  • There are over 4 BILLION mobile devices worledwide
  • More than half of all mobile searches are for local businesses
  • 86% of mobile users use their phone while watching TV
How can your business use this cutting edge information to make better marketing decisions?

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