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Email Marketing – Increase Your Repeat Sales

Email Marketing – Increase Your Repeat Sales

Every business owner knows the difficulty of marketing and the expenses that come along with acquiring new customers. If you have the money to put into it, getting new customers becomes easy after a while.

But most businesses struggle when it comes to “keeping their customers coming back and getting repeat sales.” Getting repeat customers is a piece of cake compared to generating new customers.

Many companies make the mistake of getting stuck in the process of attracting new customers and forget to take care of the ones that have already purchased from them.

Tips for Building Your Email List

Tips for Building Your Email List

Online marketing may have developed a sudden surge these past few years, but many in the know how have felt its rise even from way then. As more internet based businesses are put up, the need to develop new marketing skills and knowledge based on this new medium have arisen. More and more marketing strategies are being discovered and developed to cope with the changing face of business the business world.