Sure-Fire Ways to Lose Customers

Sure-Fire Ways to Lose Customers

Do you want to completely screw up your business and ensure that nobody sticks around to buy from you? It’s not hard to do. Businesses excel at doing this every day of the week. Here are five things you should be doing if you want to drive your customers away and ensure that your marketing is a complete train wreck.

No Follow-Up

Following up with your customers is just as important and maybe more so than the initial contact. Lots of companies fail to follow up because they don’t want to be pushy, they forget, or they don’t have an effective follow-up system in place. However, following up is essential for building long-term relationships. It’s how you keep your customers, so be sure to keep in touch.

Low Quality Goods or Services

There’s no skimping on quality when it comes to your products or services. They need to be excellent, so they won’t sell. Don’t believe for a second the old saying that ‘It’s all about the marketing.’ The quality of what you’re selling will shine through your marketing efforts. If you pass off garbage on your customers, they’ll tell others and you’ll gain a reputation for poor quality. Always seek to constantly improve upon your offerings.

Pathetic or Non-Existent Customer Service

Customer service stinks these days and everybody knows it. Businesses don’t care about the customers that are their lifeblood and they don’t take any responsibility for anything. People are jaded and many have just accepted poor customer service as a fact of life. This means that if you bend over backwards for your customers, you’ll blow them away. Good customer service is the wow factor that turns any company into a business loved by all. Plus, if you offer good customer service, you’ll outdo any competition who hasn’t realized its value.

Bad Mouthing Your Competitors

Sure, they might be scumbags, but you don’t want to be the one saying that. Bad mouthing your competitors makes you look unprofessional, defensive, and petty. It looks like you’ve got an axe to grind. The best thing you can do is to ignore them and pretend like they don’t exist. Focus instead on your own high quality offerings. This shows that you have confidence in your business. Bad mouthing the competition shows that you’re unsure.

Not Giving Guarantees or Refunds

Lots of companies don’t offer guarantees because they’re afraid their goods will be returned. What kind of confidence does that show? When you offer a guarantee, this shows that you know your product is so good, you’re willing to return the money if the customer doesn’t think so as well. You’ll get a few refunds here and there but it won’t be much. Budget to allow for this. If you do end up with lots of refunds, this is customer feedback telling you that you need to make improvements.

Listen and Learn

No matter what business you’re in, it’s all about listening to your customers. Don’t assume you know what they like or what they’re looking for. Companies that communicate well and pay attention to feedback succeed because they’ve got their fingers on the pulse. Establish several lines of communication with your customers and don’t be afraid to ask them how your company is doing.



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