Have Better Text Message Conversations

4 SMS Text Message Tips for better Conversations

Do you know that text messaging is one of the most effective ways to market your business? If you are interested in finding out other means to build relationships with potential customers and maintain loyalty from existing clients, then now is the time to try out text message marketing. However, you must first find out some important SMS text message etiquette tips for you to avoid angry consumers and ineffective campaigns.

The truth is that text message marketing can be quite tricky. While it is a highly effective method of promotion, it is also a bit risky. Sending out the wrong message can discourage consumers from subscribing more to your offers. On one note, the reverse could also spell disaster. If your offer is too good to be true, they might doubt your believability.

Achieving the balance of it all is paramount to your success in this form of marketing strategy. If you really want to be successful at it and drive sales up to hit or exceed your revenue targets, then it really pays to know what these SMS text message etiquette tips are.

Take a look at some of these tips below to give you a better idea:

1. Abbreviations – The rule with abbreviations is to use it sparingly. A whole sentence might appear too informal or sound gibberish especially if the person reading your message is not aware of the text lingo. The trick here is to construct a brief message and use the right words rather than just abbreviations. This message should be creative and interesting enough to encourage curiosity so you can send more messages to the customers in the future.

2. Proper Language – When ethics is concerned the words politeness and proper language always comes up. The same goes for mobile marketing. If you want to be respected by consumers, you must first show your respect by using the right words that are not vulgar or offensive to any race, age or other demographics. Including an “unsubscribe” option is also ethical and will let you determine who are the people really interested in your service.

3. Honesty – Yes, it is still the best policy. You won’t get anywhere with your potential customers by exaggeration. The probably result when you get them hyped up is either disappointment or even doubt. But if you remain honest and straightforward, you will see more responses and actual replies that will show interest and not disgust.

4. Relevant Value – Every business offers real value to their customers. However, is it a value that is relevant to them and their needs? If you’re really interested in following these SMS text message etiquette tips, you will also bear in mind that offering only what is needed by your target consumers is the best way to promote and establish integrity as a service provider.


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