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Facebook and Marketing – Don’t Miss Your Opportunity

Facebook has become a very powerful marketing tool. It is single largest publisher of display ad impressions. Of the the almost 1,000 business owners interviewed, roughly 40% plan to spend money marketing through Facebook. Don’t miss your chance to expand your profits, establish your presence on Facebook today.




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Small Business versus Big Brands

Small businesses can now compete with big business through the use of Mobile marketing, online videos, Text messages, and E-mails. Half of the small businesses online have increased client relations through Social media, and 85% of customers enjoy getting comments from Social media sites.



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Offline Businesses and Facebook

Offline Businesses and Facebook

Facebook is one of the most popular websites on earth. Although it’s used mostly by people for personal networking and entertainment, businesses have found that it’s an effective way to build their brand and communicate with their customers. If you’re wondering whether you should start using Facebook to promote your business or not, here are some things to consider.

You vs. Your Competition

Is your competition there already? If so, you’re losing customers. People search for businesses on Facebook and when they look for yours, they’re finding your competitors instead. On the other hand, if your competition hasn’t started a Facebook account yet, you’ve got the competitive edge. You can be the first in your area.

Tell the Story of Your Business Visually

IMAGERY RULES in the Social media world. Videos and photos win hands-down over simple text content. Each week over 100 million peope respond to online videos. Find-out today what visual content can do for your business.



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Small Business – Large Impact

Small business is approaching marketing much differently today. While over 75% of them still include print advertising in their marketing efforts, over 90% find e-mails effective. In addition, 95% are involved in website marketing and almost 75% reach-out through Social media. This shows the result of the new style of new marketing efforts.




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The truth about mobile statistics for business

Does your business know the truth about Mobile marketing?

  • There are over 4 BILLION mobile devices worledwide
  • More than half of all mobile searches are for local businesses
  • 86% of mobile users use their phone while watching TV
How can your business use this cutting edge information to make better marketing decisions?

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Can local businesses use video to get sales?

Video Marketing – How Your Offline Business Can Use Video to Drive Sales

Video marketing isn’t just for Internet marketers and online businesses. It works wonders for offline businesses as well. Videos help you deliver your message to your customers and can get you massive exposure if done effectively. Producing your own videos and publishing them worldwide is extremely easy, which puts this kind of exposure within the reach of any business, no matter how small.

Why You Need Video

How to avoid a Social Media Crisis

Don’t Be a Victim of Social Media Disaster

Social media is essential for your offline business. It gives you a direct link to your customers and helps you find new ones. However, if your social media presence isn’t managed the right way, it can be disastrous for your company’s image. Here are a few of the most common disasters and ways you can avoid them.

Slow Response

Social media works well to help establish your good reputation but it can also destroy it. It’s a platform where your customers have a voice. What if one of them is unhappy with your products, services or practices? They can publish their complaint so that everyone can see it.

Small business toolbox for your marketing cycle

Marketing cycle for small business success

Small business needs all the help they can get!

Use this toolbox to jumpstart your local and offline marketing.

Capture info, engage customers with social media, interact, stay in touch, blog and keep the conversations going!


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