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Harnassing the Power of Mobile Websites

Harnassing the Power of Mobile Websites

It is unfortunate that most local businesses are missing a lot by ignoring (or not knowing) how mobile-friendly websites can generate more sales and profits.

Most business owners are not aware of the problem that their customers and potential customers are going through when trying to access their websites using a mobile device.

Most people today use their mobile phones to perform a wide variety of tasks including searching the web, chatting, paying bills, banking, playing games – just to name a few.

Small Business versus Big Brands

Small businesses can now compete with big business through the use of Mobile marketing, online videos, Text messages, and E-mails. Half of the small businesses online have increased client relations through Social media, and 85% of customers enjoy getting comments from Social media sites.



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Small Business – Large Impact

Small business is approaching marketing much differently today. While over 75% of them still include print advertising in their marketing efforts, over 90% find e-mails effective. In addition, 95% are involved in website marketing and almost 75% reach-out through Social media. This shows the result of the new style of new marketing efforts.




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Can local businesses use video to get sales?

Video Marketing – How Your Offline Business Can Use Video to Drive Sales

Video marketing isn’t just for Internet marketers and online businesses. It works wonders for offline businesses as well. Videos help you deliver your message to your customers and can get you massive exposure if done effectively. Producing your own videos and publishing them worldwide is extremely easy, which puts this kind of exposure within the reach of any business, no matter how small.

Why You Need Video

Increase Your Sales with Text Message Marketing

Increase Your Sales with Text Message Marketing

Mobile technology is moving at an extremely fast pace and the world has embraced the use of text messaging in all aspects of life; including marketing. Local businesses are slowly adapting to the use of mobile phones as a new and innovative way to market to their target audience.

If you are in an industry where you have to share your local customers with direct competitors, then you should employ the best ways possible to get a bigger share of the pie.

Do you know the real history of the mobile phone?

Mobile phones – an infographic history

Mobile phones have need around since the 1940’s, but were impractical to use and hardly what we would consider mobile. Since the 1990s mobile devices have gotten smaller, lighter and added more features like internet, texting and touchscreens.

Do we secretly love getting SMS marketing messages?

We don’t want your stupid marketing SMS – or do we?

You might be surprised at how many people actually LIKE getting mobile marketing texts. But they only want to get them infrequently – like twice a month. And they NEVER want third party ads – and will be wiling to change service providers if this happens!



Are you one of the 5.3 Billion?

We long to stay connect via mobile devices – even while we sleep!

Mobile devices have grown into personal connection and communication that is available 24/7 , and infiltrated every aspect of our lives. Do you sleep with your cellphone? If so you are NOT alone – so do 64% of users with 1/2 checking the  cell during the night for messages.