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Offline Businesses and Facebook

Offline Businesses and Facebook

Facebook is one of the most popular websites on earth. Although it’s used mostly by people for personal networking and entertainment, businesses have found that it’s an effective way to build their brand and communicate with their customers. If you’re wondering whether you should start using Facebook to promote your business or not, here are some things to consider.

You vs. Your Competition

Is your competition there already? If so, you’re losing customers. People search for businesses on Facebook and when they look for yours, they’re finding your competitors instead. On the other hand, if your competition hasn’t started a Facebook account yet, you’ve got the competitive edge. You can be the first in your area.

Selecting the Right Internet Marketing Service for Your Business

Selecting the Right Internet Marketing Service for Your Business

Internet marketing is a great tool that local business owners can utilize to draw more local attention to their businesses. However, doing so takes a lot of time, skills, and knowledge that most business owners don’t have because they’re so busy actually running their businesses.

You have probably realized that to succeed in this digital age, you should have an unmatched business presence online; to achieve this, you need effective internet marketing plans in place.

Have Better Text Message Conversations

4 SMS Text Message Tips for better Conversations

Do you know that text messaging is one of the most effective ways to market your business? If you are interested in finding out other means to build relationships with potential customers and maintain loyalty from existing clients, then now is the time to try out text message marketing. However, you must first find out some important SMS text message etiquette tips for you to avoid angry consumers and ineffective campaigns.

How to Increase Local Online Visability

How to Increase Local Online Visability

Due to the massive number of businesses fighting to capture the attention of consumers online, gaining online exposure is getting tougher every day. This means in order to get more eyes on their companies, small business owners today must focus on developing strategies that will put them right in front of their target audience.

One crucial strategy that provides results for businesses is the focus on “local” visibility. Local SEO strategies are mostly used by companies who want to generate more local customers; therefore, local business owners should employ strategies that focus on getting more foot traffic and phone calls from people in their area.

Creating Compelling Website Content

Creating compelling content for your website can sometimes seem impossible. Here are some hints, some suggestions on where to turn for assistance. It really isn’t difficult, it just takes a little imagination.



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Small Business – Large Impact

Small business is approaching marketing much differently today. While over 75% of them still include print advertising in their marketing efforts, over 90% find e-mails effective. In addition, 95% are involved in website marketing and almost 75% reach-out through Social media. This shows the result of the new style of new marketing efforts.




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Sure-Fire Ways to Lose Customers

Sure-Fire Ways to Lose Customers

Do you want to completely screw up your business and ensure that nobody sticks around to buy from you? It’s not hard to do. Businesses excel at doing this every day of the week. Here are five things you should be doing if you want to drive your customers away and ensure that your marketing is a complete train wreck.

No Follow-Up

Text Message Mistakes

SMS Text Message Marketing Mistakes Most Businesses Make

Text messaging is indeed a revolutionary way to communicate. It is definitely more cost-effective, less invasive and a good form of communication if you don’t want the disturbance of a call. It is no wonder that many businesses have incorporated this form of mass promotion to their marketing campaigns. However, this does not mean that all of them do so effectively. A lot of businesses have committed SMS text message marketing mistakes. It is up to you not to follow in their footsteps.

Are Mobile Coupons Worth It?

Does Your Business Use Mobile Coupons?

Consumers these days are attracted to promotional offers. This is why a lot of businesses have strategized their marketing campaign in such a way that will give them more leverage to their consumers by means of offering coupons. If you have a business of your own, whether big or small, you may want to consider this too.

Perhaps you may ask, “Why use mobile coupons in your business?” Using this strategy can give you a wider scope of the market, maintain your existing clients and even attract new ones. The good thing about mobile coupons is that you don’t have to pay a huge sum on printing costs. It is also an efficient way to directly communicate with your target consumers in real-time.

How to avoid a Social Media Crisis

Don’t Be a Victim of Social Media Disaster

Social media is essential for your offline business. It gives you a direct link to your customers and helps you find new ones. However, if your social media presence isn’t managed the right way, it can be disastrous for your company’s image. Here are a few of the most common disasters and ways you can avoid them.

Slow Response

Social media works well to help establish your good reputation but it can also destroy it. It’s a platform where your customers have a voice. What if one of them is unhappy with your products, services or practices? They can publish their complaint so that everyone can see it.