Are Mobile Coupons Worth It?

Does Your Business Use Mobile Coupons?

Consumers these days are attracted to promotional offers. This is why a lot of businesses have strategized their marketing campaign in such a way that will give them more leverage to their consumers by means of offering coupons. If you have a business of your own, whether big or small, you may want to consider this too.

Perhaps you may ask, “Why use mobile coupons in your business?” Using this strategy can give you a wider scope of the market, maintain your existing clients and even attract new ones. The good thing about mobile coupons is that you don’t have to pay a huge sum on printing costs. It is also an efficient way to directly communicate with your target consumers in real-time.

Mobile coupons works pretty much the same as any ordinary coupon. The main purpose of this is to serve as a voucher that would certify a discount or promotional offer. It is a convenient way to send a text message containing this special offer into the customer’s mobile device. This also gives the convenience to your customer by not requiring them to print out the coupon or search for it through another media.

Why use mobile coupons in your business?

Because text messaging is sent and received real-time, this may also mean having a prompt and instant response from your target customers. Some studies show that more consumers respond to text messages rather than emails or other means of communication. The likelihood of retaining pertinent information is also increased compared to emails and direct mail channels.

It is also easy to track mobile coupons. Mobile coupons are easily updated through an efficient system unlike print media. Several tracking options are available for mobile coupons including when a coupon is often requested by consumers.

Cost is also a great factor to consider when thinking about the advantages of mobile coupons for business and promotional needs. You eliminate the costs involved in printing a coupon or a voucher. Distribution costs when sending coupons and mailing them to the consumers is also reduced. Sending electronic message such as SMS is definitely cheaper than sending an actual coupon. The best part is that you are running a proven effective campaign while still decreasing your expenses.

Effective customer retention and aquisition

Why use mobile coupons in your business? Simple. It is an effective way to create long lasting impression on your brand and on your products. It is also a great way to reward customers for their valued support as well as a cost-effective way to keep sales coming in.



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